Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guanqunjinchen consecutive successful in the South China

Recently, Guanqunjinchen KILL series of security products company in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, and Guangxi Mobile in winning the two security projects, the successful anti-virus gateway products is KILL, KILL network anti-virus, KILL endpoint security management systems and KILL intrusion detection system. KILL series is Guanqunjinchen company developed enterprise-class network security protection system.

Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital Medical College First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, is a set of health care, teaching, research, prevention, health care as an integrated whole, "hospitals of" hospital departments set complete, strong technical force, equipment. The Overseas Chinese Hospital, according to the digital hospital building of network security requirements, combined with the actual situation of the hospital, set up the gateway to the desktop virus protection system and endpoint security management system, forming a layered virus defense, and management system. The overall network security solutions KILL successful Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, is Guanqunjinchen Zhongshan City People's Hospital, following the company after the successful expansion in Guangzhou another medical industry users.

Guangxi Mobile Communications Company is the China Mobile Communications Group, a wholly owned subsidiary, currently in the region has eight regional markets operating subsidiaries, has more than 1300 million mobile phone customers. To provide "global links", "M-Zone", "Shenzhouxing" and other well-known client-branded mobile communication and information services, and built more than 2,300 business cooperation enterprise information network. In order to better protect the safety of Guangxi Mobile to run the company's network to provide users with efficient, stable support and services, Guangxi Mobile's decision to deploy in the network Guanqunjinchen's KILL KILL network intrusion detection and anti-virus system, using the invasion detection system to detect and locate the invasion and suspicious network behavior, anti-virus system through KILL timely detect and remove all trojans, worms and other malicious code, form-to-end network from a network defense system, effective protection of the safe operation of mobile network in Guangxi.

"Guanqunjinchen network security solutions company in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, and Guangxi Mobile applications, fully illustrated KILL products and advanced technology, stability and reliability, but also in southern China confirmed Guanqunjinchen the overall strength of the region. "Guanqunjinchen company in South China regional manager Lanbing all said," Next, our technical engineers will be all to the deployment of the implementation of these two projects, the use of our products and services for users network security protection system to build. "

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