Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rising Baojia An shovel competitors

Director to be involved in monitoring network to initiate an investigation, a President was approving arrests Rising

3 years ago, Beijing police cracked a "national first cases of deliberate spread of network viruses", said the company Micro-point "in the software development process, illegal downloading on the Internet, run a variety of viruses, resulting in a large number of computer viruses spread on the Internet seriously endanger network security. " The news hit. Micro Point vice president of 11 months in custody.

Recently, the discipline inspection organs after Beijing opened investigations to identify the "Beijing Oriental micro-point spread computer virus case" was a false cases. The truth is that anti-virus software company Rising giant micro point to strangle the nascent anti-virus company, asked Beijing Public Security Bureau Network Supervisor, who, through false reporting soldiers, fake losses, false identification approach framed competitors.

Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection at the soldiers had been opened investigations Zhao, vice president of Rising four chapters have been approving arrests.

Network monitoring by the Director of the trust

China's 2005 IT security market has been showing a dominate Rising.

Liu Xu, Rising antivirus software is the original designer and inventor, in the resigned Beijing Rising Technology Co., Ltd. Managing Director and Chief Engineer, two years later, in January 2005 established a micro-point Beijing Orient Information Technology Co., Ltd.. "Active anti-virus software" is the impact of anti-virus company plans to market new products.

According to "Science Daily" reported the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the former public information network security monitoring, who, soldiers, that is, early in July 2005 accepted the Beijing Rising Technology Co., if asked, command others to "shovel" engaged in computer virus prevention software R & D Eastern Micro Point business.

Government produced the major leave

Is to make arrangements for soldiers, and after a month of "anti-virus company qualification survey", August 30, 2005 morning, the office will network connection called 'deliberately spreading computer viruses and other programs of the computer system damage caused by normal operation serious consequences' of the company's deputy general manager Tian Yakui criminal detention. "

August 2005, at the other soldiers deployed to Beijing Si Maite Management Consultants Ltd. and Beijing Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Jian Bridge Management Department, in listening to the two companies reported a virus infection caused by the loss of the case but still inspired Let Si Maite Health Bridge Corporation and the company, issued a 100,000 yuan respectively, the loss of false evidence.

September 2005, the company's deputy general manager Tian Yakui micro-point criminal detention, the lack of reporting materials, the soldier ordered another three others to the Beijing anti-virus software company to do work for three companies were providing false "virus outbreak" Report material.

The truth come to light exposure

May 2007, Liu Xu to the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security and other relevant state departments to report, has been highly valued.

November 20, 2007, Tian Yakui 11 months in custody and released on bail after 12 months, the Beijing Haidian District Procuratorate Tian Yakui made a decision not to prosecute. Active Defense software Micro-point for the so-called "domestic anti-virus companies spread the virus first case of" blocked two and a half later, allowed to the National Computer Virus Prevention Product Testing Centre on the detection of pre-sale market procedures. February 2008, micro-point active defense software finally been blocked for nearly three years of sales licenses.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 42

Efficient completion of the selection, employment, education and staying in the human resources system

Efficient human resources management system, can fully enhance the fighting capacity of the entire company, because human resources are the most important resource for the entire company. All focus on human resource development companies in the selection and recruitment, education and staying the course will spend a lot of human and financial resources, we have been wondering if we could complete the process more efficient?

In the e-cology with the help of the Pan-micro management of human resources could be easier!

Recruitment plan developed:

Related business sector through e-cology of employment applications submitted to the relevant processes, department manager for approval, if the employer for more than a person related to the budget, then the process will flow to the general manager and human resources managers and special approval, approval After the completion of employment applications will be transfer to the Human Resources Recruiter, Recruiter according to the employment needs of all sectors of developing recruitment plans, general manager and Human Resources approved the recruitment plan, if approved by the pan-micro on external sites Recruitment ads are automatically updated.

All resumes are required to electronically:

Weaver will be required in the recruitment advertisement for all the candidates from the pan-slim center of external sites to submit their resume online resume, so avoid the resume of a variety of forms: traditional mail, fax, e-mail formats, and more a format can not be unified management and retrieval, brush selection.

Automatic selection of electronic resume:

The face of thousands of letters of resume search tool, if not automatically, then the burden of human resources work will be embarrassed of! Micro-HR in the pan-line resume database through a unified and easy query to comply with the company personnel. And the preliminary selection process shared by CV to the relevant business sector, business sector screening again after return to Human Resources, Human Resources Department can arrange this interview work.

All interviews were recorded:

Scoring each round of interviews and in e-cology completed and recorded, so HR managers can be easily integrated consideration of all candidates, if it is more crucial positions will be automatically reminded all candidates for chief executives interviews and evaluation. Once the stakeholders identified, the staff will automatically become a human resources resume cards, become a member of the Pan-micro, but the state trial.

e-cology record of all traces of the new employees:

Once hired, the system automatically according to different positions and the employment contract system Login ID and password; new staff reports on the first day first thing to obtain their account number and password, by the Ministry of Personnel arrange induction program and system familiar; new employees into the e-cology, the system will automatically guide the new employees are familiar with the system, understand the various features of the system and their subsequent effect on work function.

Training: more of a self-

Then the system will provide more rich content to the new employees: New employees from the Pan-Micro Knowledge Base is easy to understand that the company tracks the growth of the company's various rules and regulations, and the company's various business processes. Preliminary understanding of the overall situation of the company, the new employees can get job-related knowledge with their maps, such as he is a salesman, then the system will provide pan map to the micro-marketing jobs to his knowledge, the knowledge map sales jobs can give a new employee to become a man of considerable skills in sales, because the whole "selling off the Pan Wei Micro Knowledge Map" contains all the functional micro-selling products over the years accumulated experience and knowledge of the essence.

Staff assessment: to be completed by the system

When going over the past three months, when, e-cology will automatically remind us of the Human Resources staff should be regularized on the new assessment, in fact, has become relatively easy in this assessment, because the system has been fully recorded in the new employees in the company all the work for three months, Human Resources to do things is to transfer them to check these reports, and appropriate assessment.

With e-cology, employees can quickly access the new role and for the entire company to create more knowledge and wealth. Because the new staff in e-cology can be found in all the resources he needs to understand what processes do what needs to complete what departments need to match what the project, and provide some intelligent help system for new employees to complete the task.

For each employee, Weaver personalized training:

Everyone has a different background and skills training to do all that only to a more personalized, we can make training more valuable. Human Resources Department by e-cology for every employee to provide customized training and courseware.

By e-cology understanding of each member to share:

e-cology fully provided for every member of the Pan-micro performance evaluation, so that when we need will become easier when the dismissal because the system does not tell us something false, and all reports are the staff every day the performance of the set!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Store goods without manually

Recently held in Beijing Exhibition Center in Asia, the most influential trade show --- one eighth of China Chain Store Expo, the Automatic Identification Technology solutions provider Intermec company METRO Group "Future Store" in 1,200 square meters The exhibition area, appeared to show a "Future Store" using advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices, causing the audience's interest and concern. Goods by using the map in a special tag and reader systems, point of delivery can be done automatically, confirm the processes of storage and distribution of goods so that goods and warehouse management more effective, but in the past these are manual intensive work.

Currently, RFID in China is in the rapid stage of embryonic development. According to industry experts estimate that China's RFID market in the next few years will be steady growth, expected market size in 2006 was 5.23 billion U.S. dollars, by 2011 more double to 11.81 billion U.S. dollars. The signs that China's RFID market since late last year speed. Government departments, logistics, retail, industrial, health, small and medium enterprises and consumer sectors are areas of considerable potential.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guanqunjinchen consecutive successful in the South China

Recently, Guanqunjinchen KILL series of security products company in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, and Guangxi Mobile in winning the two security projects, the successful anti-virus gateway products is KILL, KILL network anti-virus, KILL endpoint security management systems and KILL intrusion detection system. KILL series is Guanqunjinchen company developed enterprise-class network security protection system.

Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital Medical College First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, is a set of health care, teaching, research, prevention, health care as an integrated whole, "hospitals of" hospital departments set complete, strong technical force, equipment. The Overseas Chinese Hospital, according to the digital hospital building of network security requirements, combined with the actual situation of the hospital, set up the gateway to the desktop virus protection system and endpoint security management system, forming a layered virus defense, and management system. The overall network security solutions KILL successful Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, is Guanqunjinchen Zhongshan City People's Hospital, following the company after the successful expansion in Guangzhou another medical industry users.

Guangxi Mobile Communications Company is the China Mobile Communications Group, a wholly owned subsidiary, currently in the region has eight regional markets operating subsidiaries, has more than 1300 million mobile phone customers. To provide "global links", "M-Zone", "Shenzhouxing" and other well-known client-branded mobile communication and information services, and built more than 2,300 business cooperation enterprise information network. In order to better protect the safety of Guangxi Mobile to run the company's network to provide users with efficient, stable support and services, Guangxi Mobile's decision to deploy in the network Guanqunjinchen's KILL KILL network intrusion detection and anti-virus system, using the invasion detection system to detect and locate the invasion and suspicious network behavior, anti-virus system through KILL timely detect and remove all trojans, worms and other malicious code, form-to-end network from a network defense system, effective protection of the safe operation of mobile network in Guangxi.

"Guanqunjinchen network security solutions company in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, and Guangxi Mobile applications, fully illustrated KILL products and advanced technology, stability and reliability, but also in southern China confirmed Guanqunjinchen the overall strength of the region. "Guanqunjinchen company in South China regional manager Lanbing all said," Next, our technical engineers will be all to the deployment of the implementation of these two projects, the use of our products and services for users network security protection system to build. "

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

CSFB will downgraded to "neutral"

For price considerations, Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) to (CRM) rating from "outperform" to "neutral."
The broker pointed out that the stock has soared and raised its earnings forecast less likely.

Analyst Jason - Maynard (Jason Maynard) said, "since the last earnings forecast, the stock has risen nearly 50% of the total, so we believe that good news in the recent stock price has been attracted.

The stock last Friday down 42 cents to close at 23.53 U.S. dollars, the stock in the Aug. 10 hit a record high of 24.52 U.S. dollars

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chapter 10 Bingke of the Three Kingdoms

Arms and upgrades

Worse: Cavalry> Infantry> Archer> Cavalry

An infantry ..

Infantry -> heavy Infantry

1. Preparation of the respective cities with infantry

2. Troops have been through 300

Nanpi. Plain. Under Hikaru, left, S Chang, Runan, Shouchun, Tianshui, Zitong, Jiangzhou, construction, Wan, a new field, Jiangxia, the Yong, L sand, Guangxi, Kuaiji

Heavy Infantry -> Near Guard

1. Preparation of the respective cities with infantry

2. Owned by the city with technology development

3. Troops have been through 500

Jiangxia, Wan, Jiangzhou, S Chang, Nanpi

2. Archer

Archer -> Nubing

1. Preparation of the respective cities have Archer

2. Troops have been through 300

Xiangping, E, Shangdang, Pu, Runan, Hanoi, R Jiang, Tianshui Wuwei, Wudu, h, the Wing, South, Jiangxia, Lingling, Wuling, the South China Sea, Wan

Nubing --- Yuanrongnubing

1. Preparation of the respective cities have Archer

2. Owned by the city with technology development

3. Troops have been through 500

Wan, Jiangxia, h in Wudu

3 .. cavalry

Cavalry -> Heavy cavalry

1. Their cities with the preparation of the cavalry

2. Troops have been through 300

Xiangping, Beijing, Shanxi, upper party, stability, Wuwei, Xi-Ping, Xi-Ping

Cavalry -> Tiger Balm ride

1. Their cities with the preparation of the cavalry

2. Owned by the city with technology development

3. Troops have been through 500

Jin, stability, and Xi-Ping

PS, the experience will affect the mobile unit power, offensive power, defensive power

PS2. Morale up to 200

PS3. If a military officer to control multiple units (not the army, division), then this team can play 100% of capacity, the detachment of 70%

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Qualified to teach you to do a trip report

Yesterday received the direct leadership of the phone call immediately to check the company forward leading coworkers "personal conclusion" and form their own experiences to report. He did not care, that is year-end summary of my colleagues who made the pattern, check the night before his colleagues find that the Division leadership to do a trip report, in the end they want to deepen their own personal leadership impression, and leadership in his "personal conclusion" to do the instructions, it appears that his "first resort" is worked, at least so that the leaders know him. But I from his "personal conclusion" that in fact the same time do not understand a "personal trip report" of the essentials.

Personal debriefing report is a personal and corporate leaders bridge, usually foreign companies each quarter, the year is all done, especially year-end report on his work for the marketing people and business itself is particularly important; but many enterprises in the implementation is not very good more to replace the annual and quarterly summary of the work, in fact, the two can not be the same; the most important difference is that the former is a "pledge allegiance" which, where the main report to the company's leadership to work on some of their prior representation of the situation and personal career development aspirations, and the latter to "pay a few" main, that all the data themselves, the data summarized by the work of gains and losses has been for some time and work plan for the lower part of the market. To distinguish the difference between these two we can also focusing on the different organizations reported on our annual trip.

The first is the organization of content, personal trip reports should be based on their own jobs and job responsibilities to organize the contents of our report, he is mainly transmitted to the leadership of a kind of working conditions and jobs and our state's personal information. Here generally should be in accordance with their position and status, responsible for regional, work content, time your trip report will be divided into several stages, and then by stage report on the work of sub-themes.

Followed by the debriefing report the structure of this part must be clear and understood, it can increase the leadership's attention, the specific report contents can be divided into Introduction, Review of job, job development prospects, follow-up described in four parts; preface is mainly the overall representation of their work conditions and assessment of development, it is the understanding of the current jobs, we must in this part of the concise proposal of Re taken to avoid "exclusive limelight," the market's performance all the credit themselves, must reflect the "results are in support of the leadership and the company made"; post Review is the real show their sales to the leading part, the content must be simple and precise, not only to set out the performance of their sales, but also clarity instead of wordy, so this part of the classification must learn to explain, according to class looking for sales representative to make a statement; In addition to this section should also include "the market issues and self-examination," No one is perfect, the market has absolutely no there is no question the market, our sales management also naturally there are some missing, the only way to make our trip reports seem real, but part of the set must reflect their own personal problems on the market and gradually corrected, self- improve the process; third part of the job prospects of work, mainly in the market for their review of problems and proposed solutions completely upgrading their own ideas in the positions and ideas to convey to the company you are qualified for leadership positions and even higher current posts capacity; Finally, set up some of their own goal, is to give leadership to see that this is part of the table determined, can target specific positions to present work can also be a few slogans to elaborate.

Again, choose a very appropriate name can make the finishing touch to your trip to play the role of the report, we should avoid direct use of "trip report" and "Personal Summary" or similar words, according to the writer many years of work experience, if you use "** ** personal business during the reviewed area "effect will be a little better, and can show a solid foundation of personal marketing and professional and give you another trip report with an appropriate subtitle, the effect of natural Jiubuyongti.

Finally, debriefing report in the form of debriefings is to look at leadership, so the reach of ordinary text format for the purpose of leading the formation of an impression, it is best able to form a slide presentation, this leadership more willing to look the other must with some charts showing that this would both increase the content of the impression that the leadership of the trip, another trip to avoid the lengthy wordy content.

If you master these methods, then add to the polish on the text, an excellent trip report basically on the show in front of us, if we could, where appropriate, be certain to promote the individual brands "LOGO", it could not be better - for example in the Notes section with its own motto in life, faith, and then look at the way your personal home selling (personal blog), I would like to report on this trip has become a real leader to convey to you bridge the personal brand information.

A final note, if your trip report as a personal work to review the summary of the business, he will play for your career development to promote optimization of the role, even if the leadership does not require, nor even if you do not want to see the leadership of their own to myself a "business review personal work" nature of the trip report is also to your career development of great benefit to.

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